The Maridajes cycle returns to Bodegas RODA in its 20th edition with the exhibition "Bodegones"

It is known to all that painting and photography have shared a passionate and close relationship since its inception. The constant questioning that is established between both genres has provided a suitable breeding ground for artistic creation. But also the creators that use the photography need to review the classic canons of painting. 

The photographers:

Manel Armengol (Barcelona, 1949)

In his work there is an eagerness to find new forms, where the images of completely naked plants of a simple appearance are transformed into vibrant, sensual and sublime images of exquisite austerity and incredible beauty.

Antonio Bueno (Madrid, 1956)

All his projects are done as metaphors and visual poetics, to take about humas with respect to his world. This photograph belongs to the Nature of the Day series, a project that took place between 1986-88. The series consists of 18 works, diptychs and triptychs in colour paper of destruction of dyes and Polaroid of 50x60 cm. This project is inspired by the photographs of the Flemish still lifes that can be found in the Prado Museum. 

Antonio Bueno made these images to tell a way of life, a fiction of everyday life, which for him arises in different visual moments of history. 

Toni Catany (Mallorca, 1942-Barcelona, 2013)

It is a reference figure in the world of Spanish photography thanks to its pictorialist images in which classical themes such as still life, the nude and the urban landscape predominate.  Catany made more than a hundred individual exhibitions, published numerous books and, among other recognitions received the title of Chevalier de l´Ordre des Arts des Lettres, awarded by the French Ministry of Culture (1991), and the National Photography Award, conceived by the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2001. 

Ferran Freixa (Barcelona, 1950)

He started in the world of photography in a self-taught way, although in 1969 he became professional when he opened his own studio, specializing in fashion, industry and advertising. Ten years later he left this area to focus on architecture. Currently, its theme is the everyday objects that tend to provide a dim light. In his remarkable series are photographs of shops in Barcelona that appear detained in time, whose plasticity, as well as the use of light and shadows, actually looks like a millinery from the 50s.

Alberto García-Alix (León, 1956)

His work toured several countries and is admired in publications such as Vogue, British Journal of Photography or Vanity Fair. A lover of motorcycles and portraits, his Leica and Hasselblad cameras have immortalized important national and international artists. Motorcycles, tattoos, music and night have been some of his inspiration muses. Within his remarkable taste for portraiture, which he defines as confrontation in which he usually stands face to face with his model, face to face, he was one of the most prominent protagonists of the so-called Movida from Madrid. He received the National Photography Award in 1999.

Manolo Laguillo (Madrid, 1953)

A horse of documentary and poetic subjectivity, has documented the processes of urban and architectural transformation of Barcelona from 1978 to the present. His publications, in the eighties, were pioneers in Spain in what refers to the photographic technique and the system of zones. He has made several exhibitions, including the exhibition Reason and city in the ICO foundation in Madird in 2013. there is his work in the Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid, the Bibliotèque Nationale de París, the Mexican Council of Photography, in numerous collections of private companies in Europe and United States. 

Humberto Rivas (Buenos Aires, 1937-Barcelona, 2009)

He developed most of his photographic activity in Spain. He shows in his photographs a passion for two genres: the portrait and the landscape, as well as a concern for the traces that the passage of time leaves both in the faces and in the bodies and in the spaces and objects. He is called "the photographer of silence". From 1976 he dedicated himself to teaching tasks and different centers and universities in Argentina, Spain and Portugal. His work is present in collections of museums and foundations in Mexico, Argentina, Chicago, Paris and Barcelona. In 1997 he received the National Prize of Photography from the Ministry of Culture.

Joan Fontcuberta (Barcelona, 1955)

His extensive photographic work is characterized by the use of computer tools in its treatment and its presentation interactively with the viewer. Since 1985 he has exhibited in more than thirty museums and art halls in Europe, North America and Japan. He is the author of a dozen history books and essays on photography. Currently, he is president of the Association of Visual Artists of Cataluña. Among other awards, in 2013 he was awarded the Hasselblad Prize, the most prestigious international photography award. 

Manuel Vilariño (La Coruña, 1952)

His most characteristic work are the still lifes of dead animals and other symbolic elements such as skulls, fruits or candles. He also makes portraits and landscapes. His work is inspired by the mystical myths of India and Ethiopia. You can also see a game between light and shadow where Vilariño tries to explain his conception of photography as a staging for his poetic interest. In 2007 his work represented Spain at the 52nd Venice Biennial and received the National Photography Award. 

Francisco Gómez (Pamplona, 1918 - Madrid, 1998)

He was a photographer whose work has aroused a lasting influence among his contemporaries, they combine and overlap the social theme and interest in architecture but always with the city as a backdrop. In the streets and among the people of his city he felt comfortable and it is there where he did some of his great works. He showed us the limits of the big city. The photographic archive of Francisco Gómez, composed of more than 24.000 negatives and nearly one thousand copies, was donated entirely to the Foto Colectania Foundation by his heirs in 2001 and since then numerous projects have been carried out to study and disseminate his work. 

Eduardo Olivella (Barcelona, 1948)

His dedication to photography began in 1968, distributing his activity among the theoretical aspects, speculation and application of the photographic medium. His experimental restlessness has led him to show his works through almost 200 exhibitions, either individually or collectively, in galleries, festivals and museums in many cities in Europe, United States, Africa and Japan. In the professional field, his collaborations with other visual creators are distinguished as conceptual artists, film directors, architects and designers. 

Valentín Sama (Madrid, 1946)

He is one of the pioneers of colour photography in this country, with works at the beginning of the 1980s that were very avant-garde for his time. Expert in the history of photographic materials. Active in print media since 1982 and online since 2004. Founder of DSLR Magazine and Albelo Media, S.L. He is the technical editor of specialized magazines, photojournalists, expert journalist, professor, curator and the director of the Spanish web DSLR magazine. he exhibited in Image Gallery and in Europalia of ´85 in Brussels, the first most important Spanish photography exhibition after the dictatorship abroad. 

Foto Colectania Foundation

Located in Barcelona, the Collection of the Foto Colectania Foundation is made up of more than 4.000 works by Spanish and Portuguese photographers, made between 1950 and the present. A wide selection of the most emblematic series of these photographers and from different periods allows us an extensive and representative tour of the work of each one of them. Foto Colectania funds also hoard the Paco Gómez Archive since 2001. Foto Colectania received the ARCO award for the best private collecting initiative in 2006. The collection is visible through the wesite and its dissemination and study is continued through traveling exhibitions and national and international loans. 


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