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CIRSION 2011 is the last vintage of the most top wine of Bodegas RODA. CIRSION 2011 is a wine with a great present and future, fresh and elegant derived from an excellent vintage. It has a very intense nose, ripe black fruit aromas with very fresh red hints and the oak remains in the background. Notes of aromatic herbs, fennel and fine liquorice and also aromas of wet earth and violets. The mouth is voluminous, with very fine and silky tannin. It is a very long wine, complex, lively, perfect to enjoy alone or accompanied with a well-prepared dish.

For Agustín Santolaya, General Manager of Bodegas RODA, CIRSION has become in Spain almost ‘a myth’; it is a wine product of the experience of the winery in the tempranillo variety and especially of the work for the search of the optimal moment of ripening. The grapes used to make CIRSION (100% Tempranillo) come from some vines of the oldest vineyards, to find them means a great experience to distinguish the details that make them so special.


It is one of the most extraordinary red wines of Spain. CIRSION (DOCa Rioja), its first vintage was produced in 1998, is the result of a careful selection of bunches among determined vineyards by an extraordinary genetic of their vines and a particular ripening with a high level of polymerization of tannins in the grape itself. What makes this wine a natural rarity full of personality and an incomparable frutal richness. True to the own style of the wines of RODA, fully committed to preserve the authenticity of the landscape that cradle them and the small nuances that give the weather vintage.

CIRSION has the gift of the elegance, complexity, depth and persistence. Range of aromas in perfect harmony, its taste describes with smooth and structure the black fruit, the wet earth, violets, chocolate and mint, eucalyptus, smoke… It is a wine to give pleasure and transmit deep feeling that many fans around the world are waiting year after year.

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