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Bodegas RODA SELA 2013 is the new vintage of the youngest wine of Bodegas RODA, fruit of a sustainable viticulture made with grapes from bush vines between 15 and 30 years of age (98% tempranillo and 2% graciano).

The 2013 vintage is characterized by being a fresh vintage after two consecutive years of an important drought. After a very cold winter, the heavy rains arrived before the budding and they stretched on until summer months. These climate conditions delayed the cycle of the vineyard and despite not being a year of homogeneous ripening, a selective harvest was made for each vineyard reached its optimum point.

Bodegas Roda SELA 2013 transmits its youth and in turn the philosophy and style of Bodegas Roda. In nose is delicious, subtle and delicate, with an intense aroma of red fresh fruit profile, floral notes and fine herbs. In mouth is distinguished for being light, aerial, and very silky, fruity, delicate and soft.

Bodegas Roda SELA is a perfect wine to enjoy throughout the meal and always invites to drink more.

Bodegas Roda SELA, the younger vineyards of the winery have become ‘adults’.

From the beginning of the Rioja winery, about twenty years ago, two lines of work in vine-growing were planned. The first, in the medium-term, buying old vineyards and reaching agreements with local vine-growers of old vines; and a second line of work, designed to bear fruit in the long-term, planting new vineyards in excellent soils to become the RODA of the future. After two decades from the first plantations, the youth vineyards have become adults, reaching the balance and are able to convey the character of the landscape. The 2008 vintage gave the opportunity to start with a new wine, due to the vineyards had reached the proper ripeness to develop it. And thus Bodega Roda SELA was born, a different wine from its older brothers RODA, RODA I and CIRSION, but with the unmistakable hallmark of Bodegas RODA.

Bodegas Roda SELA is a wine with strength, youth, from sustainable vineyards that emerges with the vocation of being a wine of more frequent consumption, which wants to reach new consumers who begin to live the passion of the world of wine, easy to harmonize with food, it is very pleasant to the palate, tasty, fresh, complex and elegant.

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