• Six wineries, two auxiliary companies and ten researchers join together in a R&D Project to respond to the main challenges of the wine industry in Spain
  • The aim of VINYSOST is to increase the competitiveness, profitability and sustainable production of Spanish wines
  • The Project funded by the CDTI and the European Union has a Budget of 7.5 million euros

The wine sector is undergoing a profound transformation. The emergence of new production areas, the reduction of sales by the traditional consumer countries and the increase of consumption in the emerging markets is forcing to the Spanish wineries to improve their competitiveness looking to international markets.

Today the average value of the wines marketed in Spain standing at 1,10 euros/litre, a third of the value of French wine of the half of the value obtained by the Italian competition. To turn this situation around, some of the most significant wineries of our country (Codorníu, La Rioja Alta, S.A, Miguel Torres, Bodegas Barbadillo, Martín Códax and Bodegas Roda), together two leading companies of the auxiliary industry (Francisco Oller and Lallemand Bio) and ten leading research centres in the Spanish scientific panorama have joined forces in a R&D Project named VINYSOST, that aims to improve the quality of the Spanish wines in an increasingly competitive and globalized market.

"Gone are the years in which the wineries made the war on their own. The challenges facing the wine sector nowadays require teamwork and to find common solutions that allow us to develop technologies that improve the valuation of our wines in the international markets" said the responsible of VINYSOST. The project has a budget of 7.5 million euros and is co-funded by the European Union and CDTI with FEDER funds.

To carry out this research, VINYSOST is developed around three major areas of study. The first one is focused on the field works that are being carried out in experimental plots to reduce the negative effects of diseases and grape vine blight, to analyse the quality of the grape and control the growth of the plant. A second line of work is focused on the development of strategies to control the aromatic and sensory stability of the wines in the winery, thanks mainly to a greater knowledge of the role of the oxygen in all the winemaking process. The third action area is focused to improve the integral sustainability of the same, from the vine to the bottle in this sense the extraction of quality production is compatible with the environment respect.

The consortium will promptly report all the progress made throughout the Project in this and other subjects, in the hope that the conclusions can serve to other Spanish wineries to improve the competitiveness, profitability and sustainability of their wines.


The main aim of VINYSOST Project is to improve the quality and competitiveness of the Spanish wines, through the sustainable management of the production in large surfaces responding to some of the great challenges of the Spanish wine sector.

It has a fundable budget of 7,5 million euros and has the financial support of European Union and CDTI (Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology) through FEDER (ERDF) with the Multi-Regional Operating Programme of Intelligent Growth 2014-2020 within the framework of Program CIEN.

It is a consortium R&D Project leading by some of the most significant wineries and wine companies of our country: Codorníu (leader of the consortium), La Rioja Alta, S.A, Miguel Torres, Bodegas Barbadillo, Francisco Oller, Lallemand Bio, Martín Códax, and Bodegas Roda.

The Project also involves ten leading research centres in the Spanish wine-growing scientific panorama, that work in order to lay the foundation of technological bases that allow to improve the sustainability of the sector and its international competitiveness by stressing innovation.

The panned measures within the framework of the Project carry out between August 1st, 2014 and July 31st, 2018, with a work plan that includes three major technical activities that respond to the acronyms VITISOST, ENO+ and WINESOST.

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