The photographic exhibition "Francisco Gómez. Fotografía de Arquitectura" presents throughout 60 photographs the affinity of the author for the architecture, begun in the collaboration with the magazine "Arquitectura" and generated that his photographic practice diversified enormously, opening to a genres such as the architecture photography, reportage or emerging urban documental practice.

The showing, that can be visited until November, 2017 in Bodegas Roda (Haro) in La Rioja, takes part of the exhibitions cycle "Maridajes" held by the Foto Colectania Foundation since 2007, from the photographs of its own collection. 

Francisco Gómez is one of the photographers that took part of the intense process of renewal of the Spanish photography in the middle of the 20th century. He also participated in some of the main movements and photographic groups emerged in our country from the 1950´s, such as the "Afal" group, "La Palangana" or "Escuela de Madrid". His career changed and came along when he began to collaborate with the magazine "Arquitectura" in 1959, the magazine he was working with until 1974. 

Since 2001, the "Archivo Paco Gómez" takes part of the Foto Colectania collection and is formed by more than 1.000 prints and more than 24.000 negatives. The exhibition that is showed in the 19th edition of Maridajes presents a selection of photographs that tokk part in the showing "Archivo Paco Gómez. El instante poético y la imagen arquitectónica" organized by Foto Colectania for the Community of Madrid and curated by Alberto Martín. 


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