The new harvest of AUBOCASSA is born, 2017/2018 vintage
Olive oils

The new harvest of AUBOCASSA is born, the vintage 2017/2018, the best version until now. An abundant vintage of excellent quality fruit, an optimal climate where there have been no pests or diseases, with an easy crop, enough water, an early collection and good weather. 

The AUBOCASSA olive oil, 100% Arbequina, is a member of Grandes Pagos de Olivar association, maximum level of extra virgin olive oils. 

AUBOCASSA 2017/2018 is yellowish green, with an opalescent appearance. With a very intense aroma, at 5 cm from the glass citrus aromas of lemon peel and lemon leaf are appreciated; and on the nose, it remembers fine green herbs and mastic. At the edge of the glass appears the orchard with tomatoe of ramallet as protagonist; inside we find aromas of fruits like apples, peach, pear and kiwi. In the background, nuts are perceived, especially the green almond. Fresh fruits line in the mouth, it is delicate and intense, leaving a slight spicy sensation that stimulates the papillae. It is a balanced olive oil, with a clean and transparent aroma. 

This is the third vintage made in the oil mill of the AUBOCASSA farm (Manacor), that allows to extract the oil at the same time as the olives are collected, eliminating the waits and the usual transports, thus obtaining a better oil, full of aromas. This almazara, unique in Spain, is integrated into one of the oldest buildings on the estate of the twelfth century, and allows the oil to be made with a new process that modifies the pasta shake of the olive and how to temper it, a system consisting of a heat or cold exchanger that gets the right temperature in a few seconds, shortening the time it takes in the machine and the consequent oxidations that cause the loss of the aromas. In this way, you get a pasta of the highest quality, which mantains the most subtle details of the olives, representative of the landscape where the olive trees come from, all of them of the Arbequina variety. 

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