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Bodegas RODA celebrates this year 2013 its 25th Anniversary and to commemorate it is making a tour of vertical tasting by some of the most influential countries of the world. By the hand of Agustín Santolaya, General Manager of RODA and LA HORRA, the winery has already presented its wines in exclusive locations in Santo Domingo, New York, Sydney and Melbourne and at the Prowein fair in Düsseldorf, with an excellent reception from the press and the public.

The first tasting took place on February 25th in Santo Domingo, in the Winery of Manuel Gpnzález Cuesta. There the guests could enjoy and compare a decade of vintages from RODA I 1997 to RODA I 2006 (DOCa Rioja), as well as the new wines from Ribera del Duero CORIMBO and CORIMBO I. The event was a success for all people, who agreed to value the unsurpassable qualities of the RODA wine, characterized by its unique style, fullness and freshness.

A short while later, on February 28th RODA arrived to New York, where a tasting was made in the new restaurant 'Manzanilla' of the chef Dani García. This was the first event organized in the recently inaugurated restaurant that was attended by 20 renowned journalist of the city. In the tasting, two vintages of different wines of the winery with 10 years of difference were compared: RODA I 2004 vs RODA I 1994, RODA I 2005 vs RODA I 1995 and RODA 2006 vs RODA II 1996. Immediately after, the olive oils AUBOCASSA and DAURO that are made by Bodegas RODA in Majorca and Empordà were tasted; and after the wine from Ribera del Duero: CORIMBO I 2009, CORIMBO I 2010 and CORIMBO 2010. Finally, CIRSION 2001 and CIRSION 2010 were faced. Before the excellent lunch of Mediterranean style with which Dani García delighted to the participants, there was a heated debate about the current state of the wine industry, preferences, styles and vintages.

On March 12th, RODA arrived to Australia to offer two vertical tastings in the main cities of the country, Sydney and Melbourne, in which participated a total of 100 people. In these vertical tastings, it was made a journey through 15 vintages of one of the most particular wines of the winery: RODA I from the 1992 vintage to the 2006 vintage. The effect of the different climate vintages in the wines and its admirable evolution in the bottle could be appreciated in the tastings.

To complete the first part of its tour, on March 25th, Bodegas RODA arrived to Düsseldorf, Germany, for a vertical tasting in the great fair of the European wine Prowein. This tasting, made in the ICEX Hall of the Fair, followed the same structure of the tasting that was celebrated in New York and enjoyed of full seating capacity, with 30 journalists representing the European press. In the tasting three wines with vintages ten years older were compared again. In this case, the selected wines were RODA I 2004 and 1994, RODA I 2005 and 1995 and RODA I 2008 and 1998. Subsequently, the olive oils AUBOCASSA and DAURO, the wines from Ribera del Duero CORIMBO I 2009 and CORIMBO I 2010 were tasted and finally, CIRSION 2010 and CIRSION 2001 were faced. The tasting was a great success, where could be appreciated the longevity of the wines of Bodegas RODA.

In the coming months, RODA will continue with its travels around the world celebrating ite 25th Anniversary.

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