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Bodegas RODA introduced the last vintage of its flagship wine, CIRSION 2010 with a vertical tasting held in the famous restaurant "Quo Vadis" in Soho in London. The general manager of the winery, Agustín Santolaya, introduced to the press and buyers of high-end wines, the amazing evolution of this exceptional brand, which was made for the first time in 1998.

The tasting began comparing four years of excellent vintages of RODA I with ten years of difference between them: RODA I 1004 vs. RODA I 2004 and RODA I 1995 vs. RODA I 2005. Immediately after, the vertical tasting of CIRSION through all the odd vintages that have been marketed: 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009 and the new vintage 2010 that was presented as a worldwide release.

Agustín explained that CIRSION had become in Spain almost "a myth", and the wine appeared as the consequence of the experience of the winery in the tempranillo variety and especially from the work in the search of the optimal moment of ripening. "The grapes we use to produce CIRSION come only from some plants from the oldest vineyards, to find them implies a great experience to differentiate the details that make them so special".

Finally, Agustín Santolaya said that "the wine is a unique way to express the landscape, the climate and the weather of each year", and that was the concept of the tasting, to identify the climatic peculiarities of each harvest with the nuances kept through the time in each wine. All the present agreed that, with the different vintages of the vertical tasting, they had experienced an unprecedented journey through the different wines and landscapes.


It is one of the most extraordinary red wines of Spain. CIRSION (DOCa Rioja and 100% tempranillo), its first vintage was produced in 1998, is the result of a careful selection of clusters from vineyards selected by an extraordinary genetic of their vines and a particular ripening with a high level of polymerization of tannins in the individual grape. What makes this wine a natural rarity full of personality and a unique fruity richness. True to the particular style of the wines of RODA, fully committed to preserve the authenticity ofthe landscape and the little nuances that the climatic vintage has given, CIRSION has a gift of elegance, complexity, depth and lingering. Range of aromas in perfect harmony, its flavour described with softness and structure the black fruit, damp earth, violets, chocolate and mint, eucalyptus, smoke... It is a wine to give pleasure and convey deep feeling that is eagerly awaited each year by wine enthusiasts all over the world.

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