"Viticultural and oenological techniques of polyphenolic synthesis, extraction and stabilisation in red wine. Eureka e!2450 Euroagri Polyphenol."

2000-2002. Second R&D plan

The atmospheric conditions of temperature and humidity in the ageing of red wines are fundamental parameters which have an incidence on their quality. This fact led us to devise a European cooperation project (Germany-France-Spain) which enabled the development of a climatic architecture in the winery, equipping Bodegas Roda with the means to control the humidity and temperature in optimum mode for the ageing of our wines. This project complemented an ICO-CDTI project which led to the creation of an innovative, technological cellar for ageing in barrel.

Appropriate ripeness tests will also enable us to assess wine-making grapes for picking at the optimum moment of ripeness. For this reason, the R&D department is also developing a methodology for quality assessment in wine grapes which will then equip Bodegas Roda with the necessary skills to make its wines with grapes that are picked at their optimum moment of ripeness. Finally, in addition to these actions, the study of a seedbank that was created earlier, is moving ahead.

(see first R&D plan).


"Creation of a seedbank of Rioja cv. Tempranillo. Phenolic content of the indigenous varieties, optimization of the extraction and stabilization". VIN00-043-C3

2000-2002. Second R&D plan

This project came about as a result of our concern to find out more about our indigenous grape varieties. It is a project that has been set up in coordination with the Universities of Rioja and Salamanca with the aim of studying the phenolic profile of our indigenous varieties, Tempranillo and Graciano, together with the profile of the wine during the different phases of the wine-making process. Knowledge of the phenolic profile of our varieties and our wines during the different phases of the wine-making process has helped us to use those viticultural practices and wine-making techniques that produce more structured, attractive, elegant and round wines, such has been achieved in our excellent RODA wines.

grape cluster

"Creation of a technological cellar for ageing wine in barrel"

2000-2002. Second R&D plan


The process of ageing a wine is basic in its definition and its qualities. In this process the conditions of temperature and humidity are key factors in carrying out the malo-lactic fermentation in barrel and also for the stabilisation of the wine. It is therefore necessary for the cellar temperature and humidity to be kept within determined limits which must be controlled. Bodegas Roda, for the purposes of this project, built an innovative technological cellar for ageing wine in barrels with underfloor heating and cooling, enabling strict temperature and humidity control. In this cellar we are able to reach temperatures of 20°C in winter to carry out the malo-lactic fermentation in barrel, and cool temperatures of 14°C in summer for the stabilization of the wines; all with a constant humidity in the order of 75%.

Technological cellar for ageing wine in barrel
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