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At the end of the 1980s new things were afoot in the Spanish wine growing sector. A new generation of wine people was arriving on the scene in different wine regions. At this particular moment, Mario Rotllant and Carmen Daurella came to La Rioja, with the passionate commitment to create a project that would bring something new to the wine world.

An exciting adventure begins then, ambitious, demanding and unkown: His name is Bodegas Roda.

vineyards with green leaves and the town of Haro in the background

In the Rioja, where there seemed to be nothing left to achieve, in Haro’s world famous century-old Barrio de la Estacion district, on a terrace jutting into one of the bends in the Ebro river, the beginning of this whole adventure was to take place.

What better way to personalize a new project than to name it after the initials of Mario’s and Carmen’s surnames, RO-DA.

The first months were made up of making contacts and performing trials; and in 1991 the philosophy of the winery was established.

The formation of a high-powered technical team was the best short term means of becoming leading experts among Rioja’s wineries.


Only the indigenous red grape varieties, Tempranillo, Garnacha, Graciano were used.

There is total respect for the concept of the vintage, wines from other years are never added to homogenise or freshen up a vintage.

Only wines made at our winery are bottled, we never buy-in wine from other cellars.

Wines that bring out the very essence of their terroir, the vineyard, soil, climate, landscape, wines made to be enjoyed.

There is no hurry to get a return on investment. The constant aim is, with time, to be recognised as producers of one of the greatest wines in the world.

Twenty or so carefully supervised blocks of vines

vine with reddish leaves

In this way, all the means will subsequently be gained to achieve our aims.

  • Twenty or so carefully supervised blocks of vines, spread out among the best eco-systems of the area, from which the 17 best are vinified each year.
  • Old vines are used, guaranteeing the best quality Tempranillo and Grenache grapes.
  • An evaluation system for bought-in grapes was introduced that had never existed before.
  • Harvesting is done in small crates and the first sorting table in the Rioja was introduced here.
  • The vinification takes place in temperature controlled oak vats.
  • Ageing is in 100% French oak barrels.
  • We are committed to research and development, which enables us to head international projects through our active R&D department.

In all, an exciting project which we invite you all to discover.

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