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The Sierra de Cantabria and the Cordillera Ibérica fuse in the Montes Obarenes, a mountainous barrier only cleaved by the Ebro River. At that point, a privileged environment for the vine is in the fundamental area of growing of Bodegas Roda. The vineyards are distributed in different eco-systems characterized by altitudes, soils and special climate conditions. Each year seventeen are selected, those able to contribute the most unique qualities for the production of our wines.

RODA is born in the vineyard

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From the beginning, Agustín Santolaya and Isidro Palacios, recognised Rioja experts, set about creating a viticultural project.

The first idea the owners introduced was to make RODA function along the lines of a Bordeaux château, using only the grapes from one vineyard. This policy, however, was shortlived.

The special climatic conditions of this most northerly-situated area of the Rioja convinced them to seek out an original, exciting and complicated model.

Three overlapping climates

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The Rioja is protected from the north by the Sierra de Cantabria which stretches out to join other mountain ranges which eventually reach the Mediterranean ocean via the Pyrenees. In the south-west, the Cordillera Ibérica separates us from the Castilian plateau and also continues down almost without interruption to the Mediterranean.

These two mountain systems come together in the west in the Montes Obarenes, the merging of the two only being broken by the river Ebro, which cuts through the rocks to enter La Rioja and flow through it, before continuing its route to join the same ocean.

This area of convergence of mountains and river is where Roda and its fundamental vine growing land are situated.

Here, the Atlantic, the Continental and Mediterranean climates play off each other unpredictably, causing a given vineyard to respond differently from one year to the next. Each year therefore, we talk not only of the characteristics of the vintage but also of the climatic vintage of the year. This is what led us to create the RODA model.

Different eco-systems

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We began the drawing up of an ambitious map to establish the best 100 hectares of the region’s vineyards, which would be capable of producing individually extraordinary wines over the longest possible period.

This map evolves and is therefore inconclusive; however, it has helped us to situate our vineyards in those diverse and privileged eco-systems that reflect our winery’s philosophy.

17 vineyards each year

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We currently control the vine growing of 150 hectares (370 acres) of vineyard, half of which are our own, the other half belonging to vine growers with whom we have different agreements. The vines are spread out over 28 different eco-systems whose altitudes range from 380m to 650m above sea level, on different soils of sand, clay-limestone, clay, gravel terraces, always with good exposure and in areas with excellent vine-growing potential.

Each year, following meticulous vineyard husbandry throughout the growing season, we select the 17 best vineyards to make Roda. What is left over is sold as grape production. Many of these vineyards figure in the selection every year whereas others are only included in some years, according to the weather conditions of the season.

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