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Climate and landscape

Rioja is protected in the north by the Cantabria mountain range, that continues getting together with other mountain ranges to end up in the Mediterranean Sea through the Pyrenees.
The southern part of the Ibérica mountain range separates Rioja from the Castilian plateau and continues, also without interruption, until it gets to the Mediterranean Sea.
These two mountainous systems connect to the West with the Obarenes mountains and this union is just broken by the Ebro river, that cuts the rocks to enter La Rioja and get through it until it discharges in the same sea.

In this area of confluence of these mountain ranges and river is located BODEGAS RODA and its most important growing area.
We have always understood the landscape as the vision of a group of excellent vineyards where that game of different Atlantic, Mediterranean and Continental climates generates the diverse configurations of Tempranillo, ripened in a profile of red fruit to make RODA or in a profile of black fruits to make RODA I.

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