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Bodegas Roda Sela

Bodegas Roda SELA is a young, strong wine, it has lots of things to tell, but with the fresh voice of youth. Coming from sustainable vineyards. It’s ready to be consumed as soon as it’s released, with a younger aging than its older brothers and with a great bottle aging capacity. An attractive wine to young people that begin to live the passion of the wine world.


In RODA we look for the parcels that that year have ripened in a red fruit profile, with the expression of the aromas present in the edge of the glass, ready to be felt immediately; with sweet spice notes and a kind freshness. In the mouth the red fruit carries the importance, with a fresh, long, silky, voluptuous and continuous mouth pass.

Before vintage 2002, RODA was called RODA II.

Roda I

RODA I is blended with parcels that that year have ripened in a black fruit profile. The deep black fruit, is almost always dominated by the plumb and supported by mineral notes, chocolate and balsamic sensations, that form an ensemble that slowly flows from the furthest side of the glass until it becomes huge in the entrance of the nose. In the mouth, the volume becomes evident, the fruit complexity nicely surrounds the mouth cavity showing the numerous and polished tannins. The wine gets longer making stronger the retro nasal sensation every time we breathe. A fruity and fresh sensation will last, inviting us to continue drinking.


In 1995 we discovered that some vines produced grapes whose flavor was very different to the one of the vines around them. They produced a sensation of fullness, of volume, with notes that were more alike to a wine than to a grape. Two years later, we made our first CIRSION, which we didn’t commercialized, and we tested that with a short aging, the wine reached a level of incredible silkiness and a fruit complexity out of the ordinary. Each vintage we walk through the vineyards looking for this curious natural peculiarity, and that’s how, one in a thousand, the CIRSION grapes are picked.

Wines that thrill

RODA wines have their own style. A cozy nose The predominant aromas come from the vineyard: red fruit or black fruit always present. The wood, in the background, almost imperceptible. Sweet spices and mineral notes add complexity. The balsamic records, freshness. The mouth is where they grow big. Bulky, without troughs. Tasty, fruity and long. With melted and soft tannins.

Sensation of fullness and freshness. They invite you to take another sip. Absolute respect for the vintage: every last drop of wine in each bottle corresponds to the crop indicated on the label. The commitment, ambitious, is to offer the best possible wine that the meteorological vintage has been able to create in our vineyards. Our vineyard system allows us to always offer excellent wines. They are wines to convey sensations.

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