Wine from selected bunches where the grapes have matured exceptionally.
In 1995 we discovered that some vines produced grapes whose flavor was very different to the one of the vines around them. They produced a sensation of fullness, of volume, with notes that were more alike to a wine than to a grape. Two years later, we made our first CIRSION, which we did not commercialize, and we tested that with a short aging, the wine reached a level of incredible silkiness and a fruit complexity out of the ordinary. Each vintage we walk through the vineyards looking for this curious natural peculiarity, and that’s how, one in a thousand, the CIRSION grapes are picked.
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We came from a very rainy 2018 but winter was very dry and cold. The fires in Cantabria in the middle of winter were on the news. The vine sprouted without crying and very timidly at the end of March.

During Easter, it rained 30/40 mm. that changed the situation (Easter was at the end of April). Sprouting rejoices.

Despite the drought, the vineyard yields well. Flowering came on normal dates, around June 10th. The drought continued with alternating temperatures. The year was very dry but the vegetation was very good. At the end of June, a brutal heat wave arrived 2 days in a row with temperatures above 37ºC, June 28th and 29th. The fruit set was irregular and the harvest was reduced, with a lot of millerandage. There were some minor rains after the heat wave.

There was another heat wave at the end of July with temperatures around 37ºC for another four days. For Santiago, July 25th, it was already looking tough. It seemed incredible that the vineyard was fine after the two heat waves.

On August 1st, there were 40 mm. of rain in Haro. Ripening was excellent and a magnificent harvest arrived in terms of quality and low production. Some rains between September 16th and 22nd complicated the situation.

An excellent vintage with 406 mm. of rain.


Grape variety:

88% Tempranillo and 12% Graciano.


Selected bunches from different plots. Applied methods from own research and development on polymerisation of tannins and anthocyanins.


In French oak vats, with controlled temperature. Malolactic fermentation in French oak barrels.


During 8 months in 100% brand new French oak barrels.


Completely natural methods, clarification with egg whites.


14.5 % Vol.


Cardboard cases of 3 bottles. Single bottles in wooden cases.

Available formats:

75 cl, 1.5 l., 3 l and 6 l. bottles.



It is very intense, with a cherry red background and the rim in the same shade.


Of great intensity, just by serving it in the glass, it generates a halo of aromas that fills the environment with a captivating sensation. Behind a light, slightly smoked curtain, an impressive landscape appears. Black fruit dotted with flashes of redness. Sensations of the wind that carries the smell of rain. A field of violets in the background. Very fine spices, among which clove and freshly ground black pepper stand out. Subtle notes of cocoa and liquorice. An aromatic harmony that defines the great Cirsion.


Full, voluminous and aerial sensation at the same time. It is the definition of the volume that does not weigh. The tannin is very fine and there is freshness on all sides. Fruits, moist earth and fresh spices are felt again. Volume, freshness and elegance set the pace in the palate. Conceptual confluence between the voluminous and the light, between the amplitude and the length. Why do we want to segment when a great wine can have it all?

This Cirsion makes you enjoy and think at the same time, in the dimensions of the senses. It has captured so many details of the vintage and the landscape, it is so full of nuances that it takes hours to decipher them and only seconds to move you to happiness.

I am intrigued to know its evolution over the decades, to discover everything it has hidden. It is an example of how wine is the only dynamic way of bottling time. The details that in the natural scale of time and space are lost in seconds, are fixed in wine for decades and evolve in different dimensions.

The vineyard is the most telluric of the crops and when the sky merges with the earth, wonders like this one arise.

It is one of those wines that give meaning to so many years of team effort, in the vineyard, in the cellar and on the market.