Represents of one the two profiles of the ripening of Tempranillo: the red fruit.
In RODA we look for the parcels that that year have ripened in a red fruit profile, with the expression of the aromas present in the edge of the glass, ready to be felt immediately; with sweet spice notes and a kind freshness. In the mouth the red fruit carries the importance, with a fresh, long, silky, voluptuous and continuous mouth pass. Before vintage 2002, RODA was called RODA II.
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We came from a very rainy 2018 but winter was very dry and cold. The fires in Cantabria in the middle of winter were on the news. The vine sprouted without crying and very timidly at the end of March.

During Easter, it rained 30/40 mm. that changed the situation (Easter was at the end of April). Sprouting rejoices.

Despite the drought, the vineyard yields well. Flowering came on normal dates, around June 10th. The drought continued with alternating temperatures. The year was very dry but the vegetation was very good. At the end of June, a brutal heat wave arrived 2 days in a row with temperatures above 37ºC, June 28th and 29th. The fruit set was irregular and the harvest was reduced, with a lot of millerandage. There were some minor rains after the heat wave.

There was another heat wave at the end of July with temperatures around 37ºC for another four days. For Santiago, July 25th, it was already looking tough. It seemed incredible that the vineyard was fine after the two heat waves.

On August 1st, there were 40 mm. of rain in Haro. Ripening was excellent and a magnificent harvest arrived in terms of quality and low production. Some rains between September 16th and 22nd complicated the situation.

An excellent vintage with 406 mm. of rain.


Grape varieties:

93% Tempranillo, 4% Graciano and 3% Garnacha.


Bush vines older than 30 years, mostly in Haro and its surroundings. Average yields 1,5 kg. per vine.


Alcoholic fermentation in French oak vats equipped with temperature control, followed by a malolactic fermentation in French oak barrrel.


14 months in French oak barrels (40% brand new and 60% second-use) and 22 months in bottle prior to its release.


Completamente natural, con claras de huevo.


14,5% Vol.



It is deep and intense, with a high layer, a dark red colour and a reddish rim.


There is a lot of intensity, depth and complexity on the nose. The well-ripened fruit stands out, with red and black profiles, combining between the picota cherry and the black plum. Subtle notes of oak extol the fruits, leaving details of great finesse. Sweet spices appear in the range of clove and cinnamon and mineral sensations of limestone are appreciated in the background. The olfactory impacts are continuous with a pleasant conjunction between all the ranges.


It has a lot of volume, with a greater presence than usual in RODA, as befits a vintage as complete as this one. The fruity sensation is made up of black and red fruits, ripened at their point of maturity. The depth and complexity are noticeable, armed by a bouquet of aromatic plants together with soft notes of noble oak and the sensation of limestone and rain. The tannin, which is now present, is of very good quality and marks an excellent structure. It is a long-aged wine with an outstanding RODA, as befits a vintage as good as 2019. On the palate it is very long and full of sensations, without a doubt it will be one of the great RODAs, bearing the imprint of the landscape of the vineyards that have seen it born, in an extraordinary meteorological vintage. Great wine for gastronomy that will be especially adapted with spoon dishes and meats.